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The Lowestoft Place Board

Lowestoft Place Board Members

Lowestoft Place Board Members

The Lowestoft Place Board consists of a broad spectrum of public, private and third sector partners who have each played a critical role in the development of the Town Investment Plan and will continue that process through to the delivery stage. The Place Board will continue to be the vehicle through which the vision and long-term strategy for the town is defined.

The role of the Place Board is to:

  • Develop and agree an evidenced based Town Investment Plan
  • Develop a clear programme of interventions
  • Coordinate resources and influence stakeholders
  • To serve as an advisory body to all forms of local government within Lowestoft
  • Oversee the delivery of the Town Investment Plan
  • Coordinating the wider Lowestoft placemaking initiative and Ambassadors Programme

Inclusive Growth

The Place Board is keen to ensure that inclusive growth is fully embedded into the Town Investment Plan. The Inclusive Growth Framework developed by Suffolk County Council has been used by East Suffolk Council, to review how all of the work taking place in Lowestoft, including the Town Investment Plan, is meeting the outcomes set out by the framework. This includes economic opportunities that benefit everyone, so no-one is left behind; a healthy resilient workforce; education and skills development opportunities at all ages; safe, appropriate homes; resilient, connected, and sustainable communities.

The public sector particularly, are able to influence directly and indirectly, to enable and encourage sustainable, positive outcomes for local people and therefore, have an important role in enabling an inclusive approach to growth. This includes aspects such as social value in procurement, recruitment to ensure equality of opportunity, training and apprenticeships and designing public spaces that enable the wellbeing of communities. The Town Investment Plan projects have been assessed on how they address inclusive growth and in delivery will seek to achieve some of the inclusive growth outcomes of the framework, including aspects such as how contractors and the supply chain will invest in local skills and development opportunities such as apprenticeships and upskilling.