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The Lowestoft Ambassador Programme

The Lowestoft Ambassador Programme is made up of stakeholders in the town who are passionate about what Lowestoft has to offer as a place to live and do business. The programme covers the public, private and third sectors, with members charged with “selling” Lowestoft as a place to invest and live.

The Ambassador programme holds events that promote the work going on within Lowestoft raising awareness of what is happening and identifying opportunities for involvement and collaboration. The events and the work of the group encourage people to engage and provide input to work that is happening within the town.

A range of materials including photography, copy, visual identity and storybook, are available for Ambassadors and other groups to use inside and outside of Lowestoft to help tell the story. A small group of Lead Ambassadors has been created to lead the telling of the story and engage others in this initiative.

The place making project is funded for 2 years and has a total of 8 scheduled ambassador events and a branding masterclass to demonstrate how the place branding toolkit can be used by the private and public sector.

Examples of the ambassador events can be found on YouTube, please see below.

How to become an Ambassador

It is easy to become an ambassador, you just have to sign up to our database to get involved!

But it’s the doing that really counts. As an ambassador you will…

  • Promote Lowestoft by cascading the ‘Lowestoft Story’.
  • Use your networks of employees, customers, clients, supply chains and family members to promote Lowestoft.
  • Use the promotional tools provided to aid promotion.
  • Challenge outdated perceptions and misinformation about the town.
  • Be a positive voice within your community or organisation to articulate a more vibrant and optimistic narrative.

If you are interested in becoming a Lowestoft Ambassador or would like access to the promotional tools available, please send an email with your name, organisation and email address to 

Joshua Freemantle – Lead Young Persons Ambassador

“As the lead young persons ambassador, I can provide a voice to the harder to reach audiences through my work such as the Life of Lowestoft Documentary and the Voices of the Community Podcast I host. Being a part of the ambassador programme allows me to have the latest updates on Lowestoft projects to ensure the information I give, is accurate. I love to promote all of the positive and forward-thinking things that are happening within Lowestoft right now, it’s an exciting time and I’m proud to be an ambassador for the town”

Paul Ager – Area Port Manager ABP

“As a major infrastructure provider in Lowestoft, we are keen to be involved within the local community and showcase all the town has to offer. The town has a great opportunity to build upon and attract a wider range of maritime businesses. Being part of the Ambassador Programme provides us with the opportunity to understand the wider projects happening in the town as well as providing oversight and expertise to the delivery of sector specific projects.  This enables us to share the narrative of the town with our current and future clients to attract further inward investment”.

Nikki Berry – NB Creative Communications

“Living in Lowestoft I know that there is a lot of opportunity here and it’s great to see first-hand through the Ambassador Programme how this is evolving. As well as supporting the local community, and getting to understand the wider vision for Lowestoft, being an Ambassador supports business growth. As a company that provides communications support for built environment development, there are plenty of opportunities here. Through previous events we have met great contacts, some of which I’m proud to say we are now working with”.

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