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Lowestoft Historic Scores Design Event: Monday 18 March

Updated 20/03/2024

Initiated by East Suffolk Council through the North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone, in 2021 the North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone Scores and Triangle Market Feasibility Study was developed to help shape the future development of North Lowestoft, identifying ways to enhance public spaces and improve connectivity with the overall aim of enhancing the area for residents and visitors.

The report, which was prepared by consultants Jon Sheaff and Associates on behalf of East Suffolk Council, provides conceptual design proposals to help support future regeneration plans for the town. Please note that the designs are not final and do incorporate proposals where there are opportunities for us to work in partnership with landowners.

The Council continues to explore key areas identified in the document to enhance the Historic Quarter, and has worked with  LDA Design to bring detailed designs for the Scores to RIBA stage 3. Following our event at Lowestoft Library on Monday 18 March, we are pleased to share the proposals for the Scores with you.


001 March 2024 Scores Designs – Introduction
002 March 2024 Scores Designs – Location
003 March 2024 Scores Designs – Existing Condition
004 March 2024 Scores Designs – Concept
005 March 2024 Scores Designs – Strengthening the Scores Experience
006 March 2024 Scores Designs – Celebrating the Artistic Community
007 March 2024 Scores Designs – Gateway Garden
008 March 2024 Scores Designs – Pedestrians First
009 March 2024 Scores Designs – Repair and Resurface
010 March 2024 Scores Designs – Lighting
011 March 2024 Scores Designs – Sequential Experience

If you would like to supply feedback to the designs, please complete the following form by 2 April 2024, which can be accessed either via SurveyMonkey or download our PDF: March 2024 Lowestoft Historic Scores Feedback Form.


Date: Monday 18 March 2024
Time: 13:00 – 16:00
Venue: Lowestoft Library

Designs are set to be revealed for plans to restore, maintain and enhance Lowestoft’s historic Scores.

The pathways are a unique feature of the town, connecting the historic High Street with the former Beach Village (The Grit), heritage parks and the Ness Park.

East Suffolk Council engaged with communities and businesses in 2022 on concepts created by architect Jon Sheaff and Associates for enhancing the Scores.

Designs evolving from feedback on the concepts will be exhibited at Lowestoft Library from 1pm-4pm on Monday 18 March, where visitors will have the chance to hear more about our plans and speak to the project team directly.

To read the full press release, please visit East Suffolk Council’s website