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Get Lowestoft Reading

As part of the Get Suffolk Reading initiative, the programme has been active in Lowestoft since March 2022 and is passionate about improving literacy as a way to benefit wellbeing and aspiration of local children and increase parental engagement.

Credit: Amy Louise Photography

GSR is community based and works with local people/assets to bring about behaviour change to reading for pleasure. GSR have delivered some really fun, creative projects in the town which have inspired a love of reading for pleasure!  Please follow the work on Facebook to keep up to date. GSR has achieved a lot in a few short months and we couldn’t have done it without the support of local charities, businesses, creatives and residents.

Sally Connick is the project manager for this work and is looking for more local people who are passionate about their town: well-connected and committed to giving local people the very best chance in life. The Lowestoft Ambassador Group perfectly fits this role, you are in a privileged position to champion literacy so that it is embedded throughout Lowestoft – sports and leisure, retail, arts and culture, voluntary sector, education, heath…the list is endless!

There is a sliding scale to being a Literacy Champion

  • Light touch: you may be a fantastic connector and able to help the project expand its work across the town or to help recruit more Literacy Champions. Or simply receive and help disseminate info from our newsletters.
  • Medium: Help distribute the 1000s of free books we have.  Suggest ideas for projects or help at our events by story reading, handing out flyers etc
  • More involved: Or perhaps you have the capacity to stimulate projects or activities that benefit literacy?
 Young Person Reading

Credit: Amy Louise Photography

For more details on being a Literacy Champion please read this document. Sally offers all Literacy Champions a 30-40 minute training session which can be online or in person.

Please do sign up as a Literacy Champion to help us ensure that every child in Lowestoft has easy access to book ownership and the opportunity to enjoy reading.  To register as a Literacy Champion now please follow this link Lowestoft Literacy Champion Registration Form you will then be contacted re the quick training session.