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Ambassador Event – 26th July 2022

We will be hosting the first in person Ambassador event since the programme started. The programme always intended for events to take place physically but due to Covid-19 the programme had to be adapted to facilitate virtual meetings, which were a successful way to keep the ambassadors engaged.

This will be the 5th Ambassador event to take place and will be held at the newly refurbished East Point Pavilion on the 26th July 2022. The event will start at 9:30am and will aim to finish at 12 noon.

Speakers and topics include:

  • Feedback from the Ambassador Survey.
  • Genevieve Christie from First Light Festival.
  • Richard Best from East Suffolk Council updating on the Seafront Vision.
  • Danny Steel and Cllr Paul Ashdown from the Lowestoft and Northern Parishes Community Partnership.

Please note this is a FREE ticketed event due to limited capacity of 50.

If you’d like to book your space please click the link here