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Lowestoft Story featured by MHCLG’s Towns Fund Delivery Partner

We were delighted that Lowestoft was featured in the Towns Fund Delivery Partner’s blog ‘Our Town Stories’ this week.

Featuring interviews with Genevieve Christie, founder of the First Light Festival; Phil Aves, relationship manager at Lowestoft Rising; Joshua Freemantle, filmmaker and Development Producer, Sunrise Studios; and Gabriella Fox, Regeneration Project Officer, East Suffolk Council, the article explores Lowestoft’s cultural journey to date, and how this has shaped our Town Investment Plan.

‘Our Town Stories’ has been developed by the Towns Fund (overseen by HM Government’s Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) to shine a light on innovative and inspirational Town journeys through and alongside the Towns Fund programme, and better understand change that is taking place over long periods of time.

You can read the article here: Lowestoft: Culture, heritage and future belonging —